A virtual firm serving Colorado, Kansas, & Missouri.

A virtual firm serving Colorado, Kansas, & Missouri.

Chris Brown

Why Venture Legal is Now Pixel Law

When I started Venture Legal in 2014 I thought it’d just be a side gig. I was starting other businesses and needed stable income. But something interesting happened–my law firm took off!

I’ve now represented hundreds of clients and mentored thousands more. I attribute that success to how I operate my firm: I’m client-focused and use transparent pricing, and I refer out anything that doesn’t fall within my hyper-niche practice. The only thing missing from the firm was a long-term goal.

Today, however, I know exactly where I want to go (both figuratively and literally, but more on that later). And since there are dozens of “venture” law firms, I figured now is the time to double down on my goal, which includes adopting a more unique name and expanding beyond Kansas City later this year.

So here’s Pixel Law, a virtual law firm with one goal: help the smallest companies start, grow, and thrive.

Maybe you want to freelance and “be your own boss,” or start a two-person marketing agency, or build a sustainable local coffeeshop. In each case, you’ll have day-to-day legal needs and you’ll need the most practical, forward-looking lawyer you can find. You can’t waste time and money exploring the myriad of “what if” scenarios that are unlikely to occur. Sometimes you’ll want to meet your attorney in person, but more often you just want to “meet” virtually by phone, Zoom, or email. And other times, you’ll just want to use free or paid services online.

If that’s you, then Pixel Law is for you. And I can’t wait to help you do what you love.

Keep Moving Forward!

– Chris